Lena Kramarić (35)

Marcel dance1
mixed media on two canvas / 160x100 cm // in private collection
Marcel dance2
mixed media on two canvas / 160x100 cm // in private collection
Is this Hugged Sunday (?)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80cm // in private collection
This is not Hugged Sunday. just dream about mountains (home in the sky)
mixed media on canvas / 120x100cm // in private collection
(Don’t) Use your legs too much (what about the head)
mixed media on canvas / 150x100cm // in private collection
Red in the snow
mixed media on canvas / 60x50cm // in private collection
Surfborderica. Just memories (for future dreams)
mixed media on canvas / 60x50cm
Yellow sky (waiting for a miracle to come)
mixed media on canvas / 80x60cm
Love for muddy feet
mixed media on canvas / 70x50cm // in private collection
Circus reality
mixed media on canvas / 120x100cm 
Between us
mixed media on canvas / 150x100cm // in private collection
Summer snow
mixed media on canvas / 80x60 cm // in private collection
(Summer is over) My kind of summer
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
Another media, another technique, same author (signed by Lena Kramaric)
mixed media on wooden board / 134x93 cm // in private collection
Stretching wings
mixed media on canvas / 80x60 cm // in private collection
Border line
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
Summer dream
mixed media on wooden board / 80x60 cm // in private collection
Do you see (Home)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
2=1 (love is...)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
Relations 2 (colorful)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
Relations 1 (black)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection
Relations 3 (Golden)
mixed media on canvas / 100x80 cm // in private collection

35 is only a number. It may stand on its own or have a point. Following my name, it is embraced by brackets. I adopted it and magnified it.


years that I count. borders between the past and the future, points on the way which are marked as the beginning and the end, of something and something. 35 is a half. 35 is a beginning. In this point, the past and the future have merged into the present. Letters are still not able to describe everything that happened and what 35 means to me, and it seems that the paintings have only just brought up this subject, just like my steps…which have travelled more in 9 months that in the last seven years

without getting tired

I have passed a high threshold and entered the fourth phase of my life from which the years run endlessly, maybe the time counts them, I do not. I do not count anything anymore.

Only the exhibitions and only for this occasion. (this is the thirty-fifth)

Lena Kramarić (35)


* * *


Lena Kramarić (35)

Anybody that’s familiar with the work of the significant artist from Dubrovnik, Lena Kramarić, could certainly get some kind of idea even before they see the aptly titled exhibition Lena Kramarić (35). The passage of time, its relativization, the artistic and spiritual growth of the artist, and some sort of a mutual connection of specific projects, is something that has been distinguishing Lena for years, and in many ways makes her a problem artist. In the creative reflection about her own work (which can particularly be noticed at the recent exhibition), she mostly turns to the past and the present, but she turns to the future as well. However, that focus on the past does not mark some nostalgic reminder of the past times, but quite the contrary. By referring to her art created in the early stages of her work, Kramarić will try to decontextualize it in a certain manner, and by doing so, release it from any possible historization.

The mere fact that the artist exposes “herself” and her past, which has nothing to do with the present subject problematisation – looks refreshing at this moment. In that way, Lena created a transtemporal interspace made of an amalgam of present and past, while both categories preserved their authenticity. Already in her early work, the artist was occupied with subjects that would later become the basis of her art work – groups of young women, girls and women observed from various perspectives, in the dialogue of one towards other. The artist also retained writing certain words, phrases and sequences in her later work, which has also become an important characteristic of her painting – negation of the traditional composition in the simple playfulness of the spontaneous, abstract and figurative.

A steady drawing which outlines and summarizes at the same time, a painting construction built on an ambivalent synthesis of a coloured plane and drawing, those are the elements of the entire work of Kramarić, out of which her personal experiences, changes and opinions can be observed. Within the spatial arrangement, compositional treatment and iconography of Lena's planes, all the prerequisites for a rich painting story have been defined. In the solid harmonies of drawing and colours, this artist from Dubrovnik intertwines her coded expression with the intimate element, while the saturated unison of colours forms a return to simple harmonies of the elements. The colours, associatively related to natural elements, luminously encompass the author's artistic and life introspection.

Apart from being focused on the current exhibition, Lena also remembers what was and still is her preoccupation. It is about the creative process which took place during last exhibition Ateljerija, not in the studio, but at the premises of the gallery. That is also one of the characteristics connecting the new cycle thematically, but also points out the life and painting maturity of this artist from Dubrovnik.

In Lena's case, the emanation of her artistic will achieved a certain character and solid importance, which transcends the spiritual uneasiness of the environment it is made in. The paintings from the new cycle are made of representations of women figures with an intimate note, which pulsate with dynamism and temper, and discover the psychologically mysterious sensitivity, which may seem already known on the thematic level, but their life dimension is just an idea for some „new“ future paintings. By taking the space, metaphorically speaking, from the intimate to the universal, Kramarić shows through her work that, for each accomplished spiritual and painting success, it is necessary to have a creative accordance between the artistic individual and his wider context, where Lena proved herself to be an exceptional and unique artistic personality.

Andrea Batinić Ivanković


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